York Mission

Though York, AL is a small town, it deeply holds many complicated racial and economic issues. During our short time here (one month), we hope to collect and reflect stories that people share with us. We are not attempting to be comprehensive in our presentation: as outsiders, this would be impossible for us even if we were to stay in York for many, many years. We want offer people an opportunity to express their experiences with the goal of drawing out their sense of community pride. We want to promote York by riding our bike throughout the county and displaying positive slogans about this struggling town. We also hope that the readers of this weblog will gain a better appreciation for some of the issues that a small southern Black Belt town faces. We welcome your comments, thoughts and additions.

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  1. Comment by David Hatcher on April 24, 2007 7:18 pm

    Send me your email address. I will send you several articles and pictures of York.
    I met you last night at the York Lions Club meeting.

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