5.03.07: Several Rides Around Town

Weather: Humid, hazy, muggy with light afternoon drizzles, high 80s

Ride: 12.5 mi (Three short rides)


Today we paid a visit to Mrs. Black, a retired schoolteacher who taught in the Sumter County school system for forty years. She is a local town historian and wrote a book called Twelve Plus, which chronicles her father’s life in the region. Her husband, Lucius Black, served several terms as a state representative. Their house is full of photos and awards that they both have won over the years for their service to the community. She told us incredible stories about the civil rights era in York. Check out our route


In the afternoon we went to the West End School to meet with several classes. The kids, who all had already seen us riding through town at least once or twice, were really excited to see the bike up close. We talked to them about bike safety and they shared their thoughts about York with us. Here is a list of some slogans that they used to describe their town:

  • Best City Ever
  • Big, Beautiful, Bright
  • Best Place to Play
  • Welcoming and Friendly
  • York’s Future is Important


Check out our route


An important part of the Coleman Center is the Hightower Library. We spent some time there, talking to the librarians and borrowing books.


Some of the books we checked out were:

  • The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama
  • Crazy in Alabama, Mark Childress
  • To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee
  • The Way Forward is With A Broken Heart, Alice Walker

The Coleman Center is also home to a small historical museum. Here are some of photos that document York’s early years.


In thanks for allowing us to photograph the museum’s images, we dusted and cleaned the photos’ frames.


We had a great evening ride through Grant City. We stopped and spoke with lots of folks.


As we were riding, clusters of kids joined us.


We wanted to find the sign-maker who created many of the signs in and around York. His work inspired many of our designs and we wanted to thank him for his creativity. Here are some samples of his great work:


We didn’t have any luck finding after riding to several places where the kids thought he lived. Everyone knows who he is, but no one we spoke to knows where he is.

Check out our route


Here’s our final slogan, based on the many railroad stories that people told us:


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