4.30.07: Ride to Livingston, AL

Weather: Hot, hot, hot! high 90s

Ride: 26.0 miles Check out our route


Because it was promising to be an extremely hot day, we started off early in the morning. As we headed off to Livingston, we made a stop at the Sumter County Rehab Center to give them photos from our earlier visit.

Even though we have visited Livingston a few times, we thought it would be a good idea to ride there again and talk to more folks. On our way, we rode through some of the newer housing developments in York. We spoke with one neighbor who was bursting with York accolades: she is glad that she lives in a place where people know and care about each other. She is concerned for York’s youth and hopes that there will be enough job opportunities to encourage them either to stay or return. In exchange for her York stories, we picked up some stray trash on her impeccable yard.


We took a “short cut”, a road that would by-pass much of the heavily trafficked Highway 11. This detour took us through some wonderfully shaded woods, a few old homes, and a simple church. Across the road from the church was a cemetery populated with very old and some homemade markers. It was very, very peaceful.


We stopped at our favorite lunch spot, the Touch of Home. There we ran into several people that we knew; made us feel a little bit like locals!


We toured around Livingston and saw some stunning architecture; even the more simple homes possessed a solid presence.


We rode through the University of West Alabama campus because someone had told us a story about the covered bridge there. The Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge was moved to the campus in the 1970s and strides over a small lake; it is the oldest covered bridge in Alabama. You can smell its history as you move through it.

Looping back to Highway 11 we came upon Livingston’s city hall, which is housed in the former train station. Though the train doesn’t stop there anymore, it loudly passes by, as often as several times an hour.


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