4.29.07 Sunday in York

Weather: Clear skies, hot, upper 90s

Ride: 3.1 miles Check out our route


Since it was Sunday morning, we decided to visit one of the many churches in York. A town of 3000 residents, York boasts over twenty different houses of worship! The First Baptist Church congregation warmly welcomed us. The two-hour service was full of impassioned words and celebratory music. With everyone singing, the music was visceral.


We spent some time after the service to talk to folks about their York memories and perspectives. We passed out many York city plans. We tried to get some one-on-one time with the minister, but he was very busy; he had to rush over and deliver another service at a different church.

We spent the afternoon riding around York and talking to folks as they relaxed on their front porches.


In the evening we met with a Katrina refugee at Church’s Chicken: a young woman who had been attending Tulane and is now finishing her pre-law degree in Livingston. She impressed us with her unwavering optimism given the challenges she faces.

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