4.26.07: Collecting some local York History

Weather: Clear and cool, high 70s Ride: .8 miles A self-proclaimed local historian stopped by our studio this morning to show us old photos of the city. He used to have a regular section in the Sumter Record Journal called “York Yesteryear”: old photos paired with current images of York. People around town knew he […]

4.25.07: Ride to the MS Border

Weather: Light winds, low 80s; humid with building clouds, evening thunder showers Ride: 23.3 miles Check out our route… We have met a number of folks who have returned to York after living and working in other cities (New York, Chicago, Detriot, LA). We asked them why they decided to return. Some came back to […]

4.24.07: Rotary Club Meeting

Weather: Hazy and humid, high 80s Ride: 10.6 miles Check out our ride here… and here… At lunchtime, we met with the members of the Rotary Club at the Briar Patch to talk to them about our project. Everyone agreed that publicizing a positive image of York is valuable. We spent the afternoon posting information […]

4.23.07: Lions Club Meeting

Weather: High clouds, sunny and moist, high 80s Ride: 5.3 miles Check out our route… Today we gave a presentation at the Lions Club meeting. They treated us to a buffet dinner at the Briar Patch Restaurant. Many of the club’s members have lived in York for generations. They supplied us with some great York […]

4.22.07: Rest Day

Weather: Sunny, high clouds, low 80s Mileage: No Ride We were worn out from yesterday’s ride and all of our informative conversations at the festival, so we took a day’s rest. We picked up a copy of the local paper; we were front-page news! We watched the trains roll by. And we took a walk […]

4.21.07: The Folklife Festival in Livingston, AL

Weather: High Clouds, sunshine, low 80s Ride: 20.1 miles Check out our route… Today we rode northeast up Route 11 to Livingston, a pleasant (though hot!) route through tree farms, lumber mills, houses, and a generous sprinkling of small churches. As we entered the town, we could hear the music flowing from the town’s main […]

4.20.07: Heading North on Route 17

Weather: Sunny with high clouds, mid 70s Ride: 19.8 miles Check out our route… We headed over to Ellis Flower Shop to meet Tom, the president of the Lion’s Club. When we walked in, Tom knew exactly who we were (our reputation precedes us…). He gladly signed us up for presentation at the Lion’s Club […]

4.19.07: Visits around town

Weather: High fluffy clouds, high 70s-low 80s Mileage: No Ride Check out our route… Doug visits the folks at the Sumter Rehabilitation Home every other Thursday; he invited us to come with him so we could meet some of the old timers. The home is a sprawling brick building a little distance outside of town. […]

4.18.07: Drive to Livingston

Weather: Cloudy, rainy AM; clear and warmer PM, high 70s Mileage: Drive to Livingston Following Josh’s advice, we took off with Shana and Nathan (Coleman Center’s directors) for a truck ride to Livingston to get a much needed county road map. Our USGS map is missing some critical information. This jaunt offered the perfect opportunity […]

4.17.07: Heading to Cuba, AL

Weather: Sunny, clear, mid-high 70s Mileage: 18.9 miles round trip to Cuba Check out our route… After yesterday’s City Council meeting, we were told to to get in touch with Josh Tillery at the Price & Tillery Furniture Store, so that we might be able to speak at the next Rotary Club meeting. As we […]