5.08.07: Our Last Day in York, AL

Weather: Cool, sunny blue sky, high 70s Today is our last day here in York. We packed up our trusty vehicle and sent it on its way back to California. We transformed our traveling billboard into a slogan signboard as a gift for the town. We transformed our traveling billboard into a slogan signboard as […]

4.28.07: Bike Shed Day

Weather: High clouds, High 80s, humid Ride: None Our major community service effort was hosting a bike repair day at the York Bike Shed, a public art project developed by Richard Saxton. Richard converted this shed, which used to be the town’s radio and tv repair shop, into a self-sustaining building. It is equipped with […]

4.22.07: Rest Day

Weather: Sunny, high clouds, low 80s Mileage: No Ride We were worn out from yesterday’s ride and all of our informative conversations at the festival, so we took a day’s rest. We picked up a copy of the local paper; we were front-page news! We watched the trains roll by. And we took a walk […]

4.18.07: Drive to Livingston

Weather: Cloudy, rainy AM; clear and warmer PM, high 70s Mileage: Drive to Livingston Following Josh’s advice, we took off with Shana and Nathan (Coleman Center’s directors) for a truck ride to Livingston to get a much needed county road map. Our USGS map is missing some critical information. This jaunt offered the perfect opportunity […]

4.14.07: Bike Assembly

Weather: Balmy thunderstorms with heavy rain, low 60s Mileage: None due to weather We had heard that the weather would take a turn, and it did. Today was a good day to put the bike together, touch up our sign, and do some writing. Ours is not an all weather vehicle!