5.07.07: Our Last Ride in York

Weather: Crisp and cool, low 80s Ride: 12.5 miles Take a look at our route… Today is our last day with our bike. We’re not ready to end the project; it feels like it would take a lifetime to really get to know this small town. A surprise visitor stopped by the bank to talk […]

5.03.07: Several Rides Around Town

Weather: Humid, hazy, muggy with light afternoon drizzles, high 80s Ride: 12.5 mi (Three short rides) Today we paid a visit to Mrs. Black, a retired schoolteacher who taught in the Sumter County school system for forty years. She is a local town historian and wrote a book called Twelve Plus, which chronicles her father’s […]

5.01.07: A Slow Day Full of Stories

Weather: Humid, muggy, low 90s Ride: 3.3 miles Check out our route… As the humidity increases, we are learning how to be slow. Today we drove to Meridian, MS for lunch with Johnny Davis and wife Sherry. Meridian is the closest big city to York. This is where many people go to work and shop […]

4.30.07: Ride to Livingston, AL

Weather: Hot, hot, hot! high 90s Ride: 26.0 miles Check out our route… Because it was promising to be an extremely hot day, we started off early in the morning. As we headed off to Livingston, we made a stop at the Sumter County Rehab Center to give them photos from our earlier visit. Even […]

4.29.07 Sunday in York

Weather: Clear skies, hot, upper 90s Ride: 3.1 miles Check out our route… Since it was Sunday morning, we decided to visit one of the many churches in York. A town of 3000 residents, York boasts over twenty different houses of worship! The First Baptist Church congregation warmly welcomed us. The two-hour service was full […]

4.27.07: Heading to Emelle, AL

Weather: Partly cloudy, high 70s Ride: 29.7 miles Check out our route here…(You’ll have to scroll around on the map to see the whole route since this is a long ride.) New Slogan (#4): Once & Future York We based our fourth slogan on the designs of one industrious sign-maker in town. On our way […]

4.25.07: Ride to the MS Border

Weather: Light winds, low 80s; humid with building clouds, evening thunder showers Ride: 23.3 miles Check out our route… We have met a number of folks who have returned to York after living and working in other cities (New York, Chicago, Detriot, LA). We asked them why they decided to return. Some came back to […]

4.24.07: Rotary Club Meeting

Weather: Hazy and humid, high 80s Ride: 10.6 miles Check out our ride here… and here… At lunchtime, we met with the members of the Rotary Club at the Briar Patch to talk to them about our project. Everyone agreed that publicizing a positive image of York is valuable. We spent the afternoon posting information […]

4.21.07: The Folklife Festival in Livingston, AL

Weather: High Clouds, sunshine, low 80s Ride: 20.1 miles Check out our route… Today we rode northeast up Route 11 to Livingston, a pleasant (though hot!) route through tree farms, lumber mills, houses, and a generous sprinkling of small churches. As we entered the town, we could hear the music flowing from the town’s main […]

4.20.07: Heading North on Route 17

Weather: Sunny with high clouds, mid 70s Ride: 19.8 miles Check out our route… We headed over to Ellis Flower Shop to meet Tom, the president of the Lion’s Club. When we walked in, Tom knew exactly who we were (our reputation precedes us…). He gladly signed us up for presentation at the Lion’s Club […]